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Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service...

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Most Payments Made To KXHost.com Are Not Refundable. (See below for more information concerning this issue).
We are not liable for any business lost due to server downtime, however our servers are very stable.

KXHost.com provides web hosting under the following regulations which must be obeyed to avoid account suspension or termination.

KXHost.com agrees to host web services to the author, subject to the following TOS (Terms of Service) and AUP (Acceptable Use Policy).

Pornography: Pornography and Adult content is prohibited on KXHost.com servers. This includes links to external websites which may also include Pornography and Adult content.

Pirated Software: Software which has been illegally copied without the permission of the published is not allowed to be hosted on any account unless it is free. This includes games, applications, movies and music. Links to external filesare also under the same circumstances, however, links to websites which contain this sort of activity is allowed.

Torrents: Torrent files are not permitted to be hosted on our servers as they are related to pirated software, links to external torrent files are not permitted either although links to other websites within that content is allowed. If viruses, Worms Or Trojans are found on our servers, your account will automatically be terminated with loss of all files. No refund will be given.

Spam: KXHost.com enforces a strict Anti-Spam policy. If any of this sort of activity is found to be happening on our servers we will immediately suspend or terminate the account depending on the seriousness of the matter.
Any account that goes over the quoted limit of bandwidth given their account will be suspended until the month is up. Before suspending your account, we will email you asking if you would like to upgrade your package. If we do not get a reply within 48 hours or your do not wish to upgrade your account your account will be suspended.

Load Levels: Any account which is causes the server to overload will be investigated. If it is found that the website is very popular we will recommend upgrading the account, but any account found to be purposely abusing resources will instantly be terminated.

Abuse: Any abuse to KXHost.com administrators or staff will not be tolerated. You should ask for help etc in an pleasant manner.

Network Security: Your account may not be used for finding security holes and exploits on our servers as this is seen as illegal
activity. Anybody found doing this will have their account terminated and IP range band. (See Torrents for other illegal uses).

Account Cancellations or Changes: Should you wish to cancel a monthly subscripted account you will not receive any compensation for the remaining period left. Yearly accounts with more than 3 months subscription left will be entitled to a fee calculated by a KXHost.com salesperson. Domain names bought with a KXHost.com hosting account can be transferred depending on the fee charged by the new registrar. Cancelations need between 30 and 40 days notice.

Refunds: Refunds cannot be issued to anyone whom cancels their account. Hosting may refunded with advanced notice. (For other information concerning similar matters, please see Late Payments below).

Late Payments: Monthly subscribed accounts receive a 3 day period to pay after they have received the email requesting payment for that month, if after this 3 day period payment is still not received, you account will be suspended. After a further 4 days the account will be terminated along with all the files left. Annually subscripted accounts will receive a week period to pay. If the payment is not received by this period the accused account will be suspended. After a period of one week, if payment is still not received the account will be terminated and all files lost. Note: Payment more than 48 hours late will result in a required fee of £6.00.

For other account information see the Privacy Statement and the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy).
If you have any queries or comments regarding the rules stated above, please contact the KXHost Staff via our Helpdesk.

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